Transforming Student Lives

Pressure Students Face on Their Educational Journey

Too often, education, that is supposed to light up the mind with possibilities and fill the heart with the commitment to contribute, is fraught with stress, anxiety, and strife for many students. 

Whatever interests, strengths, and life path students aim for in the world, five qualities are common to all.

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura calls them the 5 Longings of the Soul. They can be found in just about every spiritual teaching
Obstacles to Creative Flow: Fear, Stress, and Anxiety
Many students feel uncertain about the future.

Education centres have great opportunity to increase creative capacity and remove the obstacles of individual potential and achievement by offering a space to slow down the process and encourages inner reflection. 

HoHoHow do We Help Students Bring Their Lives Back into Balance?

Meditation: The Original Wireless
Ba Duan Jin: 1000 year old Shaolin Meditation
Qigong involves coordinating breathing patterns with physical postures to maintain health and well-being while decreasing stress, anxiety, fear that block Creative Flow. 

Take Care of the Moment and the Future Will Take Care of Itself
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